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Microsoft Productivity

Give your team the power of collaboration with Hosted Skype for Business, Exchange and Sharepoint.

Cloud Solutions

Experience flexibility and security with our cloud options.

Offsite and Onsite Backup

Choose the best backup to help you survive business curve balls. 

Dedicated Hosting

Entrust your environment to our certified team and best-of-breed data center.

Professional Services

We make your technology work for you and fuel your business.

Managed Services

We're more than problem solvers; we're problem preventers.

Work from Anywhere with Microsoft and Enterhost

Our suite of productivity solutions provides your business with the freedom to work from anywhere. With hosted Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync) Enterprise Voice, Exchange and SharePoint, your office productivity will skyrocket while your workforce becomes more connected than ever before.

Why Choose Enterhost?

We exist to propel you forward

We are all-consumed with thinking about ways to deliver IT business solutions to companies to solve their business problems. The success of your IT environment drives us forward, every day. We stay abreast of trends, on top of new trainings, up-to-date with partnerships and in tune with our customers.
We are vigilant about being the best, so you can be at your best.



Every business is unique, with different teams, dreams and needs. That’s why every service or product we sell is customizable to you. We work through your goals and variables to ensure what we deploy works correctly, the first time. Because when IT solutions fit a company --- rather than a company forced into fitting a solution --- adoption rates increase, productivity ensues, and bottom lines improve. 


We believe it is our mission to provide you with the best IT business solutions to enable your company to operate as leanly and as productively as possible to help you thrive. Drive down costs without compromising quality, connectivity or continuity with our collaboration tools, our backup and disaster recovery solutions, and our public and private cloud offerings.


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